Frequently asked questions

What should I do after a health assessment?

If the outcome of your assessment is good, you should continue to have regular assessments at the recommended frequency because the result of each assessment only indicate your health conditions at that point in time. If you develop signs or symptoms after your assessment, please see your doctor – do not wait for your next health assessment.

If your results are abnormal, you may be referred for further tests or to your regular doctor for review and management of your medical condition(s).

Why do I need to go for regular assessment at the recommended frequency?

A one-time assessment will only pick up health conditions that are present during that time. Regular assessments allow us to detect conditions that develop over a period of time.

Why is diabetes screening so important? who should get screened and how often is diabetes screening recommended?

Most diabetes screening recommendations focus on type 2 Diabetes, since symptoms of type 2 Diabetes often develop suddenly and the disease is usually diagnosed soon after symptoms appear.